DESSBO Sweet & Biskuit GmbH

 A piece from Dessbo is not always on it, but it is often in it.  


Product Diversity

Product diversity
We master the industry-standard processing technologies for:

-spray pastries

Moreover, panelling with one- or two-coloured chocolates and the production of double biscuits and cereals is a particular expertise.

The broad product range is based on around 300 recipes and over 200 selected raw materials.

Our special finishing levels let you individualize your product through:

Chocolate (simple and double)
-once rich
Our biscuits, biscuit crumbs and granules can be found in many everyday products. 


Under the strictest internal and external test criteria according to international standards, we fulfil our reliable quality from the ingredients to the final product. This also means using raw materials for speciality products that have been traded on fair terms.  

Our company is certified according to:

  • IFS (International Featured Standards)
  • BRC (British Food Standard)
  • EG-Öko-Verordnung 834/2007
  • RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)
  • UTZ (Sustainable cultivation for coffee, cocoa and tea)
  • SMETA (Social / ethics)
  • DIN EN ISO 50001 (Energy-management)
  • Halal / kosher


Precise dimensional accuracy is the basis for trouble-free further processing by machines. Our precision also stands for compliance with cookie stability, particle size distribution and biscuit architecture.

We promise:

-Dimensional tolerances in the pastry height of 0.4mm
-Defined granule and bread size with a tolerance of 3mm
-Shape accuracy in all dimensions
-The setting of the biscuit hardness and measurement by texture analysis devices (breakage test)


Flexible and fast - Dessbo customers are in the market with their product in at all. With production capacities between> 30 and <1000 metric tons per year, a rapid production is guaranteed.

Packaging requirements, even those for special packaging, can be easily fulfilled thanks to modern equipment: miniature packagings or large packs, freshness packs in single and small packagings or special packagings.


The development of products is one of the core competencies of ours. We implement the ideas of our customers or provide self-creative impulses for new product ideas.

The combination of our common ideas creates creations and grows innovation.

We use our know-how and extensive equipment for their realization.

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